How to Take Care of Sensitive Teeth

You might not realize it immediately, and neither might your Santa Clarita dentist, but sometimes our teeth get sensitive. Have you ever felt a sharp sensation whenever you drink something cool or hot, and your teeth tend to hurt? Well, that could be because you have sensitive teeth, and if you have experienced this, you typically have that. Many times, people will suffer from tooth sensitivity and not even know why. However, it’s important to know about what causes tooth sensitive, and what you can do to help rectify it as best as you can.
Now, if you’ve ever had your teeth professionally whitened, or you’ve done it yourself, you probably have felt some sensitivity after that. It is common to experience that, but the sensitivity that you feel after you get your teeth whitened is markedly different from the hypersensitivity that you might feel in your dentin. Typically, this sensitivity is because when you whiten, they use a bleaching mechanism that can help penetrate the tooth.